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Liberty Medical Scheme offers you the best return on your rand.
Here's how:

  • Real value for money without compromising on quality

    Real value for money without comprom-ising on quality

  • Preventative Care Benefits

    Cover for preventative care to identify risks early.

  • Extender Benefit

    The Extender Benefit covers a variety of day-to-day costs.

  • Professional and Extreme sports cover

    Cover for both extreme and professional sports.

  • Accidental Trauma Cover

    No waiting periods or exclusions for emergency trauma.

  • Crime Trauma Benefit

    Cover for counselling following a crime trauma.

  • Child dependant rates

    Child dependant rates for full-time students.

  • Casualty Benefit

    Cover for after hours visits to the emergency room.

Invitation to members to nominate candidates for the purpose
of electing Trustees to the Board of Trustees of Liberty Medical Scheme.

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