All active beneficiaries of Liberty Medical Scheme excluding beneficiaries on TRADITIONAL Standard who travel internationally (outside the borders of South Africa) for leisure may qualify for medical cover, through our International Care Programme.. The policy provides medical cover up to a maximum of R5 million per trip (the TRADITIONAL Ultimate option choice provides up to R10 million cover) for up to 90 days per trip, irrespective of how many trips are made during the year.

Additional insurance* is required for:

Ancillary (non-medical benefits)

Beneficiaries over the age of 80 wanting to travel.

Beneficiaries travelling in excess of 90 days per trip.

Beneficiaries taking part in hazardous pursuits such as mountain climbing, scuba diving, any contact sports, motorcycling, skiing etc.

*Terms and conditions apply.

5 easy steps to ensure that you are covered:

Before you travel:

Contact ER24, the LMS Service Provider for the International Care Programme, to apply or to arrange additional cover if needed.

You can call ER24, Monday to Friday, from 08:00 – 17:00, on: 011 319 6500, or you can email ER24 at travel@er24.co.za

Please make sure you have your LMS membership number on hand so that ER24 can complete the application process with you.

Should you need a letter for the embassy as proof of cover to obtain your visa, please call Zurich Insurance on 0860 329 329.

While you are away:

Should you need any medical assistance while travelling, please contact the ER24 emergency number on: +27 10 205 3100.

In order for us to put you in touch with the right person, please take a moment to give us some of your details. A qualified financial adviser will then contact you shortly.